Welcome to Hull & East Riding Breast Friends,
YOUR local breast cancer charity.

"There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met"
– WB Yeats

If you visit our suite of rooms within The Octagon, you will see the above quote on the sign of our door, and this sentiment is echoed in the first lines of the founding values of HER Breast Friends.

Every member will feel welcome, we promote laughter, happiness and self esteem.

As you’ve probably already worked out from those two opening statements, HER Breast Friends is a group that doesn’t focus on breast cancer; this is merely the thing that brings us all together providing a common bond, and just as the disease has many different elements to it, so too has the Charity.

You may just have been diagnosed and are looking for information on what is available locally or want to know how to access our services. Or you may have finished your treatment and not sure what is next?

Perhaps you are learning to live with a secondary breast cancer diagnosis?

All of us here at HER Breast Friends are going through different stages, some of our members have only just been diagnosed, or are currently going through treatment, whilst others have completed their treatment some time ago.  Some of us are living with secondary or metastatic breast cancer.

Whether you want to access our activities and services as you go through your treatment or recover from it, or are looking for an organisation that can give a sense of purpose to your journey with breast cancer, and the opportunity to do something with it, then HER Breast Friends is the charity for you.

We offer a range of services from our monthly coffee mornings, Pink Pamper Days, Wig Bank, Bra Bank to our Breast Awareness Campaign and the Buddleia Therapy Service; as well as many other things in between.

Click on the TABS above to see what we have to offer, how we can help you and how you can help us.

HER Breast Friends isn’t just about support though, we aim to inspire and encourage, and really make a difference by helping to promote a positive approach to living with the disease.

So, as the sign on our door says, and whether you simply want to access our services, or become a part of what makes our charity great – our membership – you can be assured of a warm welcome, and we look forward to meeting you.

“It may be the beginning of some extraordinary friendships”


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