Unfortunately,  our Dance Class is suspended until further notice..Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Dance like no one is watching
                 – (partial quote V Greene)

We all know exercise is good for you but having fun whilst exercising is even better. 
Did you know dancing offers a wide range of benefits and can help promote good health in the following ways:

  • Improves posture, balance, agility and coordination
  • Provide better circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Encourages joint health and muscle tone
  • Emotional re-balancing
  • Helps build confidence and self esteem
  • And you meet new friends!

Funded by HER Breast Friends, classes are FREE to those having had a breast cancer diagnosis or a small contribution of £3.00 per session to family and friends who wish to join in.

Expertly led by Sandra Thompson, principle teacher, performer and choreographer for Sahara Dance School and The Heneya Dance Troupe, our weekly classes incorporate a wide range of dance styles including Belly dancing, Bollywood, Gypsy and even Rock & Roll.

No experience necessary. Classes are suitable for any age or fitness level. No special footwear or clothing required.

Although dances involve choreography the emphasis is 100% about having fun whilst moving to music and putting a smile on your face.

Classes are held Wednesday evening 7pm – 8pm at The Space Dance Studio, Grafton Street Hull HU5 2NP. For updates and timings contact us or check the newsfeed for the latest details.

Here’s what one member has to say about her experience

‘Members of HER Breast Friends and paying guests take part in this activity which covers different dance styles from belly dancing and gypsy to Bollywood and veil and has provided a great deal of pleasure, exercise and laughter to those involved.

The classes bring together people whose lives have been either directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer and give them an opportunity to regain some fitness, have fun and participate in social events.

Sandra Thompson provides expertise and enthusiasm in creating the programme and choreography for the different dances.

She has taken into account the different capabilities and limitations of the dancers and allows people to participate at their own pace thereby maintaining both the exercise and fun elements of the class for all involved.’

I believe these classes provide a catalyst for both members and non – members to come together and create and energetic, therapeutic and fun activity that benefits all who participate.’

So why not come and join us, you’ll be glad you did!